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Free Youth Sports

Supporting Fee-Free Youth Sports

100% of all proceeds are donated to teams, leagues, and clubs to reduce the costs of youth sports. 

What Is District Champ? Growing up we played sports and the pitch, diamond, court, and field is where we learned valuable life lessons that drive us today. The reality is youth sports has become a dream for many kids due to the financial impact on families to play. We started District Champ to help these kids stay in the game.

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Recruit Players

Developing a robust youth sports program is an endeavor that begins with cultivating a talented pool of players. In this regard, District Champ can serve as an invaluable resource, offering an array of comprehensive tools and features designed to aid you in building a thriving youth sports program. Our user-friendly and accessible youth sports directory acts as a powerful magnet, enabling you to effortlessly attract and connect with the most suitable young athletes in your community.

Fund Your Program 

Our primary aim is to establish a fee-free youth sports program, and we achieve this by offering comprehensive support to build and sustain these programs. One of the key ways in which we contribute is through our online merchandise shops, which serve as a valuable fundraising tool. We collaborate with youth sports programs, enabling them to create and manage their own virtual merchandise stores, where they can sell a wide range of items related to their teams or sports. The best part is that we donate 100% of the proceeds from these sales directly to the program, ensuring that all funds raised go towards supporting the cause.

Grow Your Program
Fund Your Program

Manage Your Program

District Champ is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of youth sports programs. Our comprehensive and user-friendly youth sports application offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond simplifying communication and schedule management for coaches. By leveraging our platform, coaches can foster stronger relationships with parents, streamline administrative tasks, and ultimately build a more successful and thriving youth sports program.

Grow Your Program

District Champ is a valuable ally in building a successful youth sports program. We utilize our extensive social media channels and newsletter to promote the exceptional aspects of your program. Our goal is to expand your reach and increase awareness by sharing the great things you are doing. With our support, your program can attract more participants and gain valuable exposure. Let us help you spread the word and inspire future generations to engage in the joy of sports.

Manage Your Program

The Decline of Youth Sports Since 2008 there has been a steady decline in youth sports participation. The number one factor is the lack of funding for leagues, clubs, and youth sports organizations.


32% of households making less that $50,000 per year said cost makes is difficult to participate in sports.


Kids want to play with their friends. 65% of kids participate in sports to be with their friends.


There is a 30% gap in participation between low & medium to high-income families.


63% of Public schools report that their funding is either stagnant or decreased in recent years. 

Youth Sports Matter Sign up for the Mindset of a Champion. This will give you a better understanding of how we are helping develop future champions, how you can get involved, and give you more information about District Champ.