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Free Youth Sports

Supporting Future Champions

We help teams, clubs, and leagues reduce fees in youth sports allowing more kids to get into the game.

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Cactus Football
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Twinkle Toes Soccer Club
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All kids have the potential to do great things if given the opportunity. We strive to give every kid that wants to play sports a chance to play sports in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Branded Merchandise

100% of the proceeds from District Champ merchandise are used to pay for the fees, equipment, and overhead of the District Champ youth sports leagues. This is how we build leagues that are fee-free and help kids stay in the game.

It's Called Soccer - Black
Chubby Unicorn Soccer Club

Team Merchandise

Every team needs an identity. Use one of our prebuilt logos or request a new one. We build a team merchandise page on District Champ that you can send to your fans. Each purchase helps more kids continue to play youth sports.

League Merchandise

League merchandise gives all your fans the ability to buy merchandise to support your league. We build a league store with your logos to enhance your brand loyalty and fan experience and give your league 25% of the proceeds to buy equipment, pay referee fees, and run your league.

Chubby Unicorn Soccer Club
Chubby Unicorn Soccer Club

Club Merchandise

Your club deserves the best. We build a club eCommerce experience that allows your fans to buy merchandise. We handle the shipping, you focus on your club, and 25% of all proceeds are donated back to your club to help with tournament fees, facilities, equipment, travel, and other expenses.

Tournament Merchandise

Tournament merchandise leaves a lasting impression on your fans. We will build a page with your merchandise or print on site. 25% of all proceeds are donated to your tournament to help pay for the cost of your event.

Chubby Unicorn Soccer Club
Chubby Unicorn Soccer Club


Do you have a passion for youth sports and want to sponsor a team? We are looking for corporate sponsors that want to give back to the community and increase their brand awareness. We partner with companies that support the fee-free purpose.