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Empower Future Champions

We believe that sports are bigger than the game. Our goal is to use youth sports and great coaching to build positive life lessons that empower future champions both on and off the field. Through playing sports we learn the life lessons that build Future Champions. 

Develop Skill, Mindset, & Character

Why We Started

Coaching youth sports has been a passion of ours for nearly 10 years. Recently our children have been getting older and wanting more from sports. Playing on a club soccer team was now the goal. Knowing what club soccer teams are looking for in a player, we determined that one, one hour per week of practice was not going to cut it. The kids playing club practiced more and practiced with better competition. Their coaches did not have to teach the basics every season, they focused on how to play the game and technical skills with players that were serious.

When I started to coach competitive teams, there were kids that had tried out for club soccer teams and did not make it. My thought was, how do you make a club soccer team if you are practicing less with less competitive competition.

District Champ helps bridge the gap between recreation sports teams and club/travel teams with a focus on one more practice. One more opportunity per week to focus on your skills. One more training session to learn.

It is our goal to help young athletes focus on the skills, mindset, and character that the club teams are looking for through donation-based training camps, affordable development programs, and tools to help others build programs that help more kids play youth sports. 

If you would like to help the cause, please consider donating to help us do big things. 

Steve Boehle 

“My favorite people call me coach.” 

As a former 4-sport athlete, growing up sports were everything. Fast forward, I credit all my success as an adult to my times on the court, the field, or the pitch learning how to work with others, lead teams, work hard, and learn from failure. 

I have been coaching youth sports for nearly 10 years now and have loved every moment. From my young girls picking flowers on the diamond to my older boys wrestling on the pitch, these are the times I live for. 

Coaching has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people, help so many kids learn the game, and have a ton of fun while doing it. When people ask me what I do I always answer, “I empower future champions by coaching kids and teaching them life-lesson. My side-hustle is as a marketing manager.” 

Phone: 602-625-1171

Chase Hall

“The best growth comes when the challenge is not easy.”

I am a former multi-sport athlete with a teamwork-focused mindset that drives my success in life. Whether we are working as a team on the court, field, pitch, in an office, or even in our household as a family, we all have a contribution to creating success.

I have been coaching sports for about 5 years and have been leading teams for more than 20 years in various other environments. Helping others succeed around me is what truly drives my happiness in life.

Coaching has allowed me to extend my outreach and help hundreds of children throughout the years! Not just by increasing their talent on the field, but by building character to grow them as well-rounded individuals.