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Big Goals = Big Impact! The road to fee-free youth sports starts with a plan. Our thought is simple, take small steps to make the biggest impact.

The Road to Fee-Free Youth Sports

It is our goal to help more kids play youth sports. The cost and expense of youth sports have continued to climb year over year keeping many kids from participating. It is our mission to help keep more kids in the game.


Sponsorship Opportunities 

Our first goal is to offer soccer clubs sponsorships. As they become available, we offer $500 scholarships to any soccer team. This sponsorship can be used to buy equipment, register for tournaments, or anything the team needs.

Team Training Sessions

Host Fee-Free Soccer Tournament

Tournament fees can range from $250 – $1500 per team and make up the second biggest part of a club/travel team’s budget. Our vision is simple, host the only fee-free tournament to help all teams that want to participate lower their yearly cost.

Camp Style Individual Sessions

Build Fee-Free Soccer Club 

We have a passion for all sports, but our passion is with soccer. Our final approach goal is to build a fee-free soccer team that is dedicated to developing young soccer players.

Bi-Weekly Games

Expand Our Programs

We believe that youth sports across the United States should be free. We know that with the help of others, we can expand this thought process and build additional teams, leagues, and clubs.

Character and Mindset Development

Open Fee-Free Sports Facility 

Practice and training facilities are by far the most expensive part of running a club/travel team. The vision is to build and maintain facilities that are free of charge to train, schedule games, and host tournaments.

Steve Boehle – Founder & Head Coach

“My favorite people call me coach.” 

As a former 4-sport athlete, growing up sports were everything. Fast forward, I credit all my success as an adult to my times on the court, the field, or the pitch learning how to work with others, lead teams, work hard, and learn from failure. 

I have been coaching youth sports for nearly 10 years now and have loved every moment. From my young girls picking flowers on the diamond to my older boys wrestling on the pitch, these are the times I live for. 

Coaching has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people, help so many kids learn the game, and have a ton of fun while doing it. When people ask me what I do I always answer, “I empower future champions by coaching kids and teaching them life-lesson. 

Steve Boehle