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Summer Soccer Development Program

Mindset, Character, and Skill

Where: Deer Village Park

21217 N. 88th Lane (North of Beardsley)

Time 8:00 to 10:00 (Monday – Thursday)

Cost: $125

Arizona Training for Youth

Beginner Champs – Kinder – 2nd Grade

We want our future champs to learn and love soccer. At the Beginner Champ camp, we will focus on having a great time by playing games while learning the fundamentals of the game. This program is perfect for the boy or girl that wants to stay sharp this summer leading into next year’s spring soccer season.

Youth Soccer Training

Advanced Champs – 2nd – 4th Grade 

Does your child love soccer and want to progress in the sport? The Advanced Champs Camp is geared to the Champs that have been playing soccer for a few years or are just getting started. We will focus on more advanced skills but still have a great time.  

Soccer Skills

Learning proper techniques is important at any age. Learning the correct soccer skills will greatly improve your Future Champ performance on the pitch. 

  • Dribbling with Purpose
  • Passing with Precision
  • Shooting for Power

Speed and Agility

Better athletes become better soccer players. We work to improve speed and agility in all our training sessions to build the muscle memory needed to be explosive on the pitch. 

  • Plyometrics 
  • Running for Speed 
  • Conditioning

The mindset of a Champion:

We end every session with a valuable lesson they can apply on and off the pitch. We believe that soccer is a great way to become a better person and a Champion in life. 

  • Hard Work
  • Perseverance
  • Sportsmanship