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More Development = Better Play Our youth sports development methodology combines the convenience of recreational sports and the increased exposure of many elite club teams.


Longer Development Season 

Every season is an opportunity to develop and get better. The district champ approach is to extend the season from 2 months to 4 months. This gives each Future Champion more opportunity to develop the skills and abilities needed to be successful both on and off the court.

Team Training Sessions

Team Training Sessions  

Every team has one training session per week. Team training sessions are 50-minutes per week and they are focused on learning team aspects of the game. In your team training sessions, your Future Champion will run offensive plays and build strong relationships.

Camp Style Individual Sessions

Camp-Style Individual Sessions 

Every Future Champion can attend optional camp-style training sessions each week. The optional sessions are designed to focus on building better athletes, developing specific skills, and offering additional work. These sessions are intended to help build confidence in each player.

Bi-Weekly Games

Bi-Weekly Games

The primary focus is on the development of the Future Champions, not the outcome of the season. Each season will have bi-weekly games versus weekly games. This format gives teams and individuals more time to develop their skills and abilities before jumping into the next game.

Character and Mindset Development

Character & Mindset Development

Sports are the best way to learn valuable life lessons. Each week District Champ coaches and facilities are focused on building the character and mindset of a true champion.